Wednesday, January 06, 2010

UPDATE: A Thank you and pics from Lt. Dan!

For all those who've mailed Boxes of Home to our adopted Marines in Afghanistan, or are thinking of sending one (let's keep it going!), I have news--and some GREAT pics of the guys enjoying what we have sent!!

Just wanted to thank everyone for all the awesome packages we have been getting from you guys. My Marines are grateful and the local Afghans thank you also. We are grateful for everyone over in America looking out for us. Marines had a good 2 day break for Christmas, we cooked some turkey—that we bought from locals. Everyone just watched movies and relaxed for the first time that we have been here. I even took a shower with water that I boiled on a propane stove. Once again thank you everyone, you are in our prayers.--Lt Dan Redmon

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the pictures, Sue. Sure does bring it home that there is literaly nothing there, doesn't it? They all seem in such good spirits tho. We need to keep those boxes on the move. Vicki