Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you from the Marines!

Remember the Marine I mentioned, and the request for some holiday cheer? I received these notes from Daniel's father, with whom I fly at united airlines, and Daniel's wife. Thank you one and all! I'll forward anything else I hear.

From his father:

...I recently heard from that his Marines had 9 boxes from/or mentioned your name...I think Michele was going to email you, but we haven't been able to get much info from him for over a week. I know they are conducting a big operation to cut Taliban supply and communication lines. (I have to get that from the news...he doesnt say anything about missions).

I heard he mentioned that one of the boxes was full of little toys and how they enjoyed giving them to the children. They are in a farm region where the kids dont have schools, so they obviously had never received such a wonderous gift as a toy! can you imagine what it would be like to be the deliverer of such a thing to a child! Daniel enjoys passing everything out to his Marines and having them also share with the villagers, especially the children.

So, I'm not sure what the count is, or any further details (such as names) as yet. I'll let you know when I hear more.

Your thoughtfulness has already resulted in some joy and comfort to our Marines and a bunch of little Afghan children- feels wonderful doesn't it! The example and giving of people like you has really warmed our hearts during this Christmas season....

And...from Daniel's wife:

...I'm married to 1st Lt. Daniel Redmon, currently serving in Afghanistan. I was so impressed by the initiative you took by blogging in support of my husband and the other Marines over there. I know that Dan is currently enjoying the DVDs you sent, which he took out to the field with him to watch on his laptop with about 15 Marines crowded around it! They don't have a lot of free time, but it's rough to have free time and nothing to fill it with! Not only are these Marines benefitting from your generosity, but their families are too. Knowing that Dan is enjoying some comforts from home is very reassuring to me. It's tough to think about him there, but it helps to know that so many people are thinking about him. Not only thinking, but doing something about it. It's just awesome!

I can't imagine the stress of knowing a loved one is over there in harm's way. You all are amazing, the BEST. Thank you all for your generosity. Happy Holidays and New Year!!!!!! xxxoooo


Rain Maiden said...

My son decided to send a package as part of a school project. After we mailed it off, he decorated an ornament in camo. Thank you Susan for the info.

Liz Kreger said...

That's awesome, Sue. A friend of mine sends packages all year long and I usually manage to contribute books to the effort. I always have more books than I know what to do with and sending them overseas strikes me as an ideal use for them.

Merry Christmas and hope your holiday is terrific.